About Us

QUOD ISPAT LIMITED (FORMERLY KNOWN AS HIND ISPAT LIMITED) is a merchant of all types of metals and the company has set up the unit keeping in mind the expected growth of steel sector backed by buoyant growth rate of economy, the prospects in international markets.....


What We Do

QUOD ISPAT LIMITED (FORMERLY KNOWN AS HIND ISPAT LIMITED) is a multi disciplines import/export company providing comprehensive range of services to small, medium to large sized enterprises. Our strong business relationships in throughout the country.

Product & Services

The objects for which our Company is established are:

  1. To carry on the business of manufacturers, assemblers, holders, stockists, distributors, buyers, sellers, importers, exporters, agents, dealers and suppliers, of agricultural, sea and food products, fertilizers, iron and Steel and its all type of products , metal stand, minerals and its products, engineering goods, components , dyes, chemicals , pharmaceuticals, pigments, papers , cement , plastic , leather goods, handicrafts, processed foods, tobacco and tobacco products, cigarettes, jute and its products, heesion , textiles including cotton , woolen, art silk, natural silk, readymade garments, hosiery , synthetics fiber and fabric and mixed fabrics, surgical etc.
  2. To hold, purchase, sale or otherwise deal/ acquire lands, flats, suites, multi storied complexes, houses, bunglows, orchards, shopping arcades, parking places, quarters, apartments farms and farms- houses , buildings, sheds and other fixtures and conveniences, industrial commercial and residential , and to let them out on hire- purchase, rent , contract or any other agreement as may be deemed fit.
  3. To carry on all or any of the business of financers (not amounting to banking and leasing business) by way of loaning, lending and advancing money, to industrials, individuals, commercials and other enterprises.
  4. To carry on the business of agents commission agents, stockists, distributors, engineers, brokers, factors, consultants , turn - key projects, representative, middlemen jewellery, property, precious/ semi precious articles and stones, diamonds, silver, bullion, gold, ornaments, antiques, utensils, gems , precious metals, pearls , coins, cups ,metals , shields, cutlery, presents and gifts.

Our business process can be summarized as under:

  • Identification of current market trend: Our team headed by our management keeps a close eye on the customer preference and demand in industry
  • Sourcing the material: Based on feedback of our team, we explore the various options for sourcing the products. For identifying the vendors, we assess the various possible options on factors such as capacity, credibility in the market, quality awareness and experience. After identifying the vendors for the goods, we place purchase orders.
  • Tapping the customers: Simultaneously with the sourcing of material, our marketing team constantly keeps in touch with existing and prospective customers and collects purchase orders and build delivery schedule and process to our inventory scheduling team.